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Cheetos Sweepstakes

(SPEC) Cheetos University Contest

PepsiCo. trading in the United States as a snack company Cheetos, hosted a contest to attract US university-aged students using a familiar brand name.

The goal was to convince them enter their personal information in a contest and then share the contest link with friends on social media. 

The prize for one lucky person was free Cheetos throughout the winner’s collegiate career.  The contest was designed to collect email addresses from this key demographic to send coupons and promotions from Cheetos and keep the Cheetos brand in mind. 

“Are you looking for actionable, concise, convincing copy that wins the attention of discerning audiences? I untangle complexity to tell compelling stories about your brand. By sharpening your copy, I can help you attract new clients and retain current ones.”

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[SPEC] Landing Page 

Cheetos sweepstakes

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