One of the hardest parts of getting back stateside is getting the Spousal Visa (green card). The first thing you’ll need to do is make an appointment with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This branch of government can be found in the embassy but the appointment is not made through the embassy website. Instead, you’ll have to make an appointment at the (USCIS) website. From here you’ll have to choose which field office (International vs domestic) depending upon whichever country you reside. I live in Korea so this list will only apply to those petitioning in Korea.

1. Form I-130
2. Fee $420 (cash only or 600,000 KRW) no credit cards accepted by USCIS.
3. Two (2) completed and signed G-325A forms (2, one for you and one for your spouse)
4. Copy of your civil marriage certificate (original 결혼 증명서, translation into English, and certificate of translation)
5. Two (2) Passport style photos. One of you and one of your spouse (2″ x  2″)
6. Copy of your valid U.S. Passport (with original to verify)
7. Copy of Residency permit/ARC card (with original to verify
8. Spouse’s Korean “birth certificate” (기본 증명서 English translation, and certificate of translation).
9. Copy of child/children’s US passports (with original(s) to verify)
10. Copy of Children’s report of birth abroad/US birth certificate (with original(s) to verify)
11. Certificate of Family Relationship (가족 관계 증명서)
12. Identification Certificate aka birth certificate (기본 증명서)

Print and sign the US-Visa certificates of translation  which verify that either you or your spouse are fluent enough in both English and Korean to translate the three Korean documents required for the visa application. Be sure to erase the footnotes and the sections that are written in Korean. Translate all 3 and bring them with you as it’s better to have what you don’t need than to need want you don’t have.

I will be writing the next post concerning the visa interview and the documents necessary for that interview. It’s a lot more complicated than the initial I-130 but I’ll be sure to include everything you need to ace it. Thanks for reading and thanks to Shawn Roe for much of the information here.