My first class, Jiaxing University, China, September, 2002

Teaching began as a way for me to explore the world and never did I imagine that I would enjoy it so much that it would become my career for fifteen years. I have worked with EFL/ESL learners from South Korea, China and many other countries and cultural backgrounds in both face to face and virtual settings. I have experience in classrooms of every level of formal education from pre-K to graduate schools, training public school teachers, and educating company executives. In that time I’ve built a career, started a family, and developed a set of core skills that I would not have gained otherwise. Despite my extensive experience and training in my field, I am interested in further developing my skills in instructional design and project management.

In 2011, I completed a master’s program in Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the University of Birmingham (UK) . This was my first experience with distance learning and my first academic exposure to  educational theory and academic writing. I felt however that there was a lack of practical experience and so I earned my teaching license in K-12 ESOL from the state of Florida. This in turn, gave me a much better understanding of learning from the learners’ perspectives as opposed to just delivering content. Today, I continue to upgrade my skill set and as Aristotle said, “education is the provision for old age” and with my lifelong love of learning I wish to convey my dedication to education to all my students.



My aspirations as a designer begin with encouraging learner competency with each course I create. Adaptability, accountability and amiability are the three tenets of my personal philosophy and ultimately I strive to provide meaningful learning, promote critical thinking and guide learners through quality instruction in ways that pique their interest.

Adaptability-When planning and creating content or designing activities, I try to keep the activities varied and ensure that the content is relevant, comprehensible and challenging enough to promote learner engagement. I fondly remember the teachers who helped me ‘get’ complex ideas, or made difficult concepts obvious and/or relevant and they are the teachers who have shaped and continue to influence my own personal philosophy.

Accountability-Formative and summative assessments are major elements of my classroom and with frequent, high quality and immediate feedback, learners have a clear view of progress at all times. With motivating curricula and authentic materials connected to the real world, students become more engaged and have the advantage of an evolving, learner-centered course specific to their needs.

As an amiable, responsible and dependable colleague who enjoys working within a team to share materials and ideas, I am also capable of managing my own projects and responsibilities with strong self-motivation. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues and contributing to a positive team atmosphere all while supporting company aims. However, being open and available for informal discussions with learners is just as essential to my approach. It ensures that they feel comfortable with what they are learning and in the end, enriches my own experience. Take a look at my portfolio or contact me here.