Nine years ago I was lucky enough to have met an amazing woman and able to call her my girlfriend (my wife now), unaware of the importance of White Day in South Korea. Yes it’s a hallmark holiday much like Valentine’s but this was our first White Day as a couple. I didn’t realize that I had scheduled an emergency visa run to Japan because I had outstayed my visa here already when I was in India the month before (more on that in another post I promise).

She never says it but she felt disappointed a) that I didn’t realize the importance and b) that we wouldn’t be able to spend it together. This year I’m surprising her with freesias (her favorite flowers, see photo above) and matching phone cases with our family portrait on them. One of Soonim’s best friends Hye-Jung was able to help me order the cases (see below) and I really hope that the flowers and the cases make up for that lost White Day back in 2007.

Soonim if you’re reading this, I love you dearly and hope that you had fun in Changwon!IMG_6076.JPG