Terry O. Faulkner

Creative Content Expert | Wordsmith

Colorado in 2017


Most of you (OK all three of you) know that I am a Colorado native and that I’ve been longing to get back to Colorado for a few years now. South Korea has been my home for over a decade and it’s time to the bring the family back and begin the next chapter of our lives. Korea has been great. I met my wife here, have two amazing children and have had so many wonderful career, travel and culinary opportunities I don’t even know where to begin. Were it not for Korea, coming back to Denver and being able to afford it would be out of the question. Although I have thrived here, it’s time for the four of us to experience a place that is better suited and healthier for all of us.

Snowboarding is something I’ve dreamt of sharing with my family and because we’ll be so close to the mountains, I’ll finally be able to take Soonim, Helen and Colin up to Loveland and teach them all to snowboard.  There are mountains here but getting to them requires at least a three hour bus ride, language issues with rentals and tickets and the hills are ice, not snow. Snowshoeing, ice skating, cycling, swimming, and camping are other things that I would like to share but have not been able to as easily here. Music is something else I have put on hold here because there just aren’t any places where I feel comfortable enough to commit to a band and although there are good musicians here, I don’t feel as connected to them as I did my fellow musicians back home.

No place is perfect and Colorado is no Scandinavia but there are more opportunities professional and otherwise than in South Korea. The school kids in South Korea are stressed out, having the highest student-suicide rate in the world. I want my kids to enjoy their childhoods, to play outside and not be bludgeoned over the head with tons of homework or need to attend the de rigueur after school academies or study rooms. Yes it will be more expensive to play the sports they want to play and do the things they want to do but they’ll be all the more happier for it.

Yes I am a little worried about how Soonim will adjust but she is a doer. She is running her own consulting business and teaches English to adults several hours a week. If she can make her own business idea work here I’m sure she can make another one work anywhere. Her family is amazing too and there is nothing in Colorado that will make up for them.

As for me, I have reached a plateau here and although I love my job, there is nowhere to go from my position as an assistant professor. Instead of moonlighting and working various jobs, I want a career that will demand more of my skills, challenge and push me to my creative limit. That is where Instructional Design comes in as the next logical step from my position here as a teacher.  This blog is about that journey and through various projects, MOOCs and e-learning challenges and I hope I can share some insights with you and inspire you to make a positive change within yourself. There’s no time like the present.