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Teaching internationally began as a way for me to explore the world. Having worked in finance and customer service, never did I imagine that I would enjoy teaching so much that it would become my career for over fifteen years now. Through living and working in China and South Korea, I am no stranger to language and semantic difficulties, cultural differences and misunderstandings and have developed a set of core skills that I would not have gained otherwise. My infectious enthusiasm for education and voracious appetite for learning motivates learners and colleagues alike. With my expertise in cross-cultural communication, curriculum design and international experience, I can bring value to an organization looking to enhance its training programs. Come train with me at the English Ward or learn more about my wife and my upcoming English summer camp in the Philippines. Aristotle once said, “education is the provision for old age” and with that I wish to convey my lifelong love of learning and dedication to education to everyone I meet. If you want to start a conversation about Academic Advising, Instructional Design, Project Management or want to see what I can offer please read more about me, view my portfolio, or contact me directly.


Things that I care about

Music has made me who I am. Listen to my work with the Mahavishnu Odyssey.

Never stop learning.

French, Mandarin and Korean are tools I use to communicate with others. Why not pick up one yourself?

We must be vigilant in protecting children and provide them with the tools necessary for lifelong success.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness..." Mark Twain's quote continues to inspire me to travel today.

"We rise by lifting others" Robert Ingersoll. Donate just a fraction of your time in service of others and you will witness tremendous change.

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Here's what some folks have said.

“Terry Faulkner is someone you definitely want on your team. He pays considerable attention to the relevance of his instructional design. I noticed a lot of effort on his part to incorporate engaging multi-media components whenever appropriate. With his facilitation experience, he truly has end to end capability. He’s also a very warm person and a pleasure to be around.”
Grace Spivak , Associate Program Manager at Academic Impressions
“I have worked with Terry for the past four years. I confidently recommended him for his current position because I knew his enthusiasm for learning and his professionalism as an educator and trainer would be an excellent match at Yeungnam University. I have observed him as a peer and seen that his classes are well designed and skillfully executed. His sincere concern for learner needs is present in each detail of his lesson plan. He is also versatile and flexible in his instruction to keep learners engaged and motivated throughout the training period. Finally, he is not only concerned with his own professional development but seeks out opportunities to bring positive change to each organization that he belongs.”
Martin Tuttle , Assistant Coordinator at Yeungnam University Foreign Language Institute
“He is one of the most motivating teachers I have ever seen in our field as he constantly tries to get more out of his students using both humour and simple explanations of abstract concepts. His classes are highly student-centered and during my observation, students were producing either spoken or written English. During class activities, he had excellent class coverage ensuring that students were on task and using L2. Overall, his classroom incorporates a low teacher-talk time and promotes the students’ practice of all four language skills.”
Stephane Lanteigne, Immediate Past Coordinator at Yeungnam University Foreign Language Institute
I first met Terry years ago when he was starting his Masters and I was at the beginning of my second year and we agreed to exchange papers. His feedback was always prompt, useful, clear, and concise. Terry is and always has been friendly, helpful and firmly committed to professional development and his students as he was an active member of KOTESOL. In his role as Member-At-Large, he was always happy to help with organising conferences, planning chapter meetings and presenting. I think Terry is a terrific educator whose students will feel like they are in good hands”
Brad Serl, Past President at Busan/Gyeongnam KOTESOL
I have had the great experience of working with Terry in a confrontational experience as I have been able to call on him for advice, guidance, and direction. Terry is the person you can ask any question to and he will give you an almost immediate response or he will have you a correct answer as soon as possible. Terry has given me advice that has made me stronger with college age students. Also, he has helped me to understand the finer aspects of teaching in general. Terry is highly motivated and is not afraid to reach out and communicate with people from different jobs and cultures to achieve the results necessary to complete the task. I would not hesitate to have him on a team as his addition to any team would only insure success.
Heath Chambless, Business Communications Consultant
Terry Faulkner is well rounded and extremely knowledgeable in many areas. One area in particular is his English writing skills. He has been more than willing to proofread and give me advice on numerous essays. His expertise and advice has helped shape my writing capabilities making me a stronger writer. Terry is a true professional and master of his craft. His passion for teaching is evident with how thorough and detailed he is. He says he does it because it helps him learn about new subjects. That is a testament to a lifelong learner, teacher, and mentor. Terry has dedicated many years ensuring his students, colleagues, supervisors, and friends put their best forward which fosters an environment of wisdom and awareness. I highly recommend Terry Faulkner for any position in education or training.
Ramon Baca , Infantryman at U.S. Army
Meeting Terry was a defining moment in my teaching career. His positivity, passion, and creativity had a significant impact on me during my time in Korea. Terry and I shared an office at Gyeongju University for two years, and we have kept in touch since. When I first met Terry, I was impressed by his knowledge of Canadian history and politics; I think he knew more than I did, and he’s an American citizen! The important point about that though is that he never made me feel ignorant about what I didn’t know about my own country. He was still genuinely interested in my ideas, experiences, and opinions – and that went for any subject matter on the table. Terry is a lifelong learner who truly wants to understand people and the world, and he does a lot of this through active listening - one of his best skills. Terry gives you his full attention when speaking with him, and he makes you feel valued. My confidence as a professional grew because of Terry, and I am forever grateful to him for that. I truly hope that we cross career paths again.
Sherry Seymour , Technology Instructor @ Red River College


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